• Fifth course
'24 smoked Jamaican jerk chicken, coconut rice and beans, zesty slaw, served with Jamaican ginger BBQ Sauce and Habanero hot sauce'
  • Sixth course 
'Flamed Jamaican spiced pudding served on a bed of sweetened ginger spiced sand, rum soaked pineapple chilli salsa and coconut foam'
  • Musicians
  • Food & musical theatre
  • Soultrepreneurs Experience
The Ja Joint Experience
Limited spaces for confirmed dates...
- 21st Feb 2017 SOLD OUT
- 18th Feb 2017 SOLD OUT
- 18th March 2017 SOLD OUT
- 29th April 2017 SOLD OUT
- 20th May 2017  SOLD OUT
- 23rd June 2017 7 SPACES
- 22nd July 2017  45 SPACES
- 18th August 2017 50 SPACES
- 17th September 2017 50 SPACES
- 20th October 2017 50 SPACES
- 17th November 2017  50 SPACES
- 15th December 2017 50 SPACES
The experience is based around combining fine dining Australian cuisine utilising The Ja Joints Jamaican marinades and sauces.
As a collective group of 'Soultrepreneurs' we join the best chefs, musicians and performers to provide diners three hours of musical and food theatre set in incredible secret outdoor locations, revealed 24 hours before.  
Our exciting secret outdoor pop ups are designed to elevate your consciousness, open up your heart and give you a cultural tribal experience you will never forget.
We closely work with the creative cream of Brisbane, whom use pain and struggle in their art presented to you. 
Featured across national media SBS Food  Taste of Harmony Chef Ambassador for breaking the mould in the food and music experience industry.
$160 pp includes
- 5 course fine dining set menu
- 2 hours of alcohol
- 3 hours of live musical performance
- Pick up in our London Double Decker Bus from South Bank, CBD and West End
- VIP after party pass
30 people maximum per event
This intimate special dinner is not to be missed.
Diners get notified immediately confirmed reservation. Tickets are non refundable.
Please note If you are booking future pop ups when completing order
Made In Australia
Flavours of Jamaica
Our Jamaican Delights
The Ja Joint Experience
Food & musical theatre

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